The Morwellham Archaeological Group (2002-2010)

The Morwellham Archaeological Group Was in existence from 2002 to 2010, when Morwellham & Tamar Valley Trust was dissolved and the site sold. It was a loose organisation of volunteers, drawn from Plymouth and Devon Archaeological Societies, and augmented by other local volunteers. At various times, these were joined by archaeology students from a variety of British universities and occasionally children from local schools.

Past members of the MAG include:Gabriel Avalon, Jonathan, Moira & Ralph Aylett, Samantha Beasley, Tabitha Gordon, Jude Brown, Judy Clarke, Sarah Dewar, Stephen Docksey, Cathryn Evison, Thomas Freeman, Bill Fryer, Sue Halsey, James Hay, Sonia Hodge, Pete Houghton, Aileen Johnston, Anthony Lewis, John & Cheryl Manley, Sarah Moore, Fiona O'Connor, Iain Rowe, Rick Stewart, Russell Turberville, Jeff Turner, Robert Waterhouse, Mike Willis, Hannah Willis & Helen Wilson.

Archaeological activities are no longer taking place at Morwellham Quay Museum and the Morwellham Archaeological Group has been disbanded. If you are interested in getting involved in industrial archaeology in the area, we suggest you contact the Calstock Archive or East Cornwall Mining History Association [links], both of whom are actively involved in recording projects in the Tamar Valley.